Food, Glorious food!

How can you resist food? Not for me! but I’ll still complain I’m fat after eating them LOL

So for this month, went traveling to the west coast and of course devouring in their local cuisine is almost an instant MUST! 

*technically I’m not a photographer person that takes every single possible picture when I can, hence explain what you see below*

This holiday time around is definitely the most productive one of all. 10 days of moving between 5 states and 3 island, 4 modes of transport. 
First off, 
I need female traveling buddy if not a husband would do just fine. Being a girl and traveling doesn’t really match in my family but look what I’ve done… *evil grin* so girls wanna go traveling please please find me! 
ok, 1st stop – Sitiawan where the kompiang is crispy and kampua is just another dish… they are just a must have when you’re there. Can anyone explain why?
one of kompiang stalls available

Anyway, took a trip to Pangkor (1st island) after all it’s not that far away. Seriously it’s so small, smaller than I thought and better get a motorcycle license before going there, it’s so much better exploring the island with a motorcycle than a car. Spend like half a day there and we’re back. 

Sitiawan, a hot place ’cause all the trees seems to be lost somewhere in the name of development. 
Then we got ourselves to Kuantan! but detoured a bit ’cause no more morning direct ticket and I didn’t know it was a public holiday… managed to get back on the same day itself though.

Monopoly game while waiting for time to pass in Subway
Monopoly again in Kuantan with bubble tea

Addictive game of monopoly deal and it’s with us throughout our trip. A good way to pass time as well especially in the airport.

Didn’t do much in Kuantan since most of my mornings I have to fulfill my duty. Don’t ask.

2nd time sitting night bus to Penang and for goodness sake, the bus driver gotta stop so many times. Even my 1st night bus trip which was to Sitiawan was so much more pleasant.

Reached Penang in the morning and flew Langkawi in the afternoon! oh yeah! Now this is what I call traveling. 1 moment here and another *poof* there.

What you do in Langkawi? Sun, sand, beach and well you should be able to guess – FOOD of course…  what else.

Salmon slices on top 

The place of this fabulous pizza with no lacking of ingredient, T-Jay’s Italian Restaurant Pizza & Pasta, located at Cenang beach. Pricing wise is not that bad for the ingredient we got on our plate, around RM22+ per pizza if I remembered correctly. Delicious pizza… making me wanna grab one now.

Lan Kwai Fong for lunch

 Dinner time! Searching where to grab out dinner after some water games. From italian to chinese then mexican! Looks like Langkawi is also a place where almost the whole world is to let our taste buds enjoy.

wanna test your endurance level for spiciness? 

 3 days 2 nights passed just way too fast or was it just enough? We are not into history so don’t expect us to go some historical place. Sorry, I just don’t know how to appreciate history so no plans on going to historical sites unless we have extra time to spare. Other than that, we went to the infamous Langkawi Skybridge. Awesome experience of height that is for me. That I’ll leave it to another post. Here is all about FOOD!

Back to Penang!

 Highlight over here? Tao Restaurant of course. How can you miss a chance for all-you-can-eat meal

 Oysters was the best for me… At least I can say it is better than sushi zanmai when I had it like a couple of weeks or so prior to this. The oyster inside is as big as the shell itself and the taste, well, at least I enjoyed it.

white coffee cendol

 Had cendol in Sitiawan, cendol in Kuantan but definitely have not tasted white coffee cendol ever in my whole life until I went to Penang. Taste not that bad. Go give it a try.

Penang’s version of HK chee cheong fun

 1st time having  lor bak… me likey… hawker stall food, a place to eat and eat and eat

what the picture says

Prize winning possession from Langkawi

End of the trip. Back to Kuantan.


 This only Starbucks moment throughout the holiday.

Arabian meal? scrumptious lamb… A friend introduce this place to me.. Maybe I’ll find another day to try out other food on the menu. 
Adding more 1st times to the list in the month of February. 
What I’ve gain from this traveling experience – NEED A LOT OF PLANNING! which is not my specialty. but looks like if I were to do anymore traveling plans, I’ll have to be the one doing the ground work. whee to that. 
WHERE TO NEXT? eating and traveling is the way to go!

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