Oh yeah… pre-holiday is coming soon! That’s only 2 days away… ahh…. I don’t know why but I’m feeling sky high now. I can go do bungee jumping now. *screaming in my head*

ok… back to reality..

I’m feeling the holidays!!! although I have finals like after the new year… that sucks. Anyway, with all the headache and sleepless nights of assignments’ due dates, I’m thinking of almost 100 things I can do or want to do or attempt to do or or or… whatever. I’m just feeling happy.. no.. feeling joy for I-still-can’t-find-an-answer-for-it-yet. Uncontainable joy! at least better than emo-ing away. Whee~

wanna know a secret? I’m ordinary ; ) oh wait… it’s not even a secret.. too happy until doing lame joke/prank

Since I’ve all the time I want now, been viewing Wong Fu Production’s videos… Awesome much.. youtube sensations are a sensation… totally talented… following a few now.. man, all the iMacs, MBPs they have… not forgetting ipads.. Well…

Merry Christmas! 

This Christmas will be AWESOME! 
one more thing, I’m still totally high! 

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