The most important thing for me now is apart from getting my brain around my studies and understanding lectures is INTERNET! yes, internet plays an important role in my study life. Why? ’cause that’s where I can find whatever information that I need for my assignments. This time around keeping up to date with the current issues is just the bottom line. No internet = being stupid in class = fail to write assignment = fail to pass = fail to graduate. 
No internet connection during the holiday is still fine as there is no need to look for any key data in the net since no studying is required, only leisure surfing with is not that important or significant. However, not the issue here and now. At home is already a no phone zone in the living room, let alone trying to use the phone as a modem. The area itself has already difficulties in securing a stable line. 
Now all I can do is coming to the faculty or going to the library to get internet line but it is still not convenient for me as I only have either in the morning for a couple of hours the most and/or sometimes in the evening where I only still get a couple hours or so before I have to leave. This is not a solution to things and situation. 
Assignments and lectures are already giving me a hard time and it’s only week 3… week 3 for goodness sake! I’m ’bout to lose my mind… get me a doctor! better yet… get me a broadband, a car… that’s ’bout it.
*when will I really lose my mind? where is my mind anyway?*

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