Imma Window-shopperholic

Today is a good day to go shopping! Bags, clothes, shoes and accessories are such wonderful remedy other than food to kill time and extra workout without you knowing. Burn those calories baby as you go window shopping.

How does window shopping benefits one person?

1st, you of course need to walk and definitely won’t be a one stop shop only. Window shopping is all about shop/boutique hopping! So from one shop to the next, walking is the only way when there are many at the surrounding area. Don’t be lazy and get your exercise in a fun way to get away from stereotype exercise. Walking not only helps burn those calories but also help tone your calves’ muscles and if you walk right even your thighs get the extra edge.

2nd, spending too much money on buying fashion magazine? Fret not, boutiques now gotta/have to keep up with the trends be it any style. Their new arrivals gotta be in trend with the market. You gotta see what style does the boutique is as some are clinging more towards the trendy side while some as more in the evergreen side. So the style of the boutique is at your own preference. Now you can save some cash!

3rd, headache-free. Most of the time when I’m on my way to find clothes (always when needed in a rush) I tend to get frustrated because it doesn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be. I never like to buy stuff when I’m like forced to because in the end I’ll just wear it once and I’ll hate it after that. What a waste of money. However window shopping is all carefree. At least if I found something that I like but do not need them yet, I could just save them for later rather than becoming a mad woman searching for that one piece. I like my clothes or anything at all that like stands out and say ‘pick me’. Normally these pieces will last longer than ‘I’ll just settle for this’. Don’t we just love to take our time looking at stuff?

3 is enough for now but in the style of window shopping, don’t try to be a diva anytime anywhere… Since you’ve set your mind to not buy anything, then be courteous to the sales person. Don’t go try every single piece of clothing and act all so high and mighty. Want a VIP/VVIP treatment then go buy more than 10 items includes bags, shoes and accessories then you can be a diva all you want.

One rule that I hold on to is just say ‘thank you’ with a smile when you’re leaving. Nobody likes to see a long sour face.

Everyday I’m window shopping!

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