Trying over and over, testing the limit of myself but with bad side effects which takes a long time to recover and the process ain’t that nice to go through.

Intoxicated with what? With a big A and C


Both deadly standing alone. While one will get you drunk if drank to a certain limit but both exudes the same amount of headache, dizziness and nausea feeling. My body somehow deny these substance from mingling inside. When they are having their party time inside, I’m the one suffering on the outside. Caffeine is barred! But alcohol is still fine as long as it is a controlled substance in my body.

So no chance of getting me drunk! Hah… lol ^^ not good getting drunk anyway. Why waste all the good alcohol when in the end you torture yourself. Don’t waste such money even though you’re loaded. If you have money not knowing where to spend might as well just donate to me. Do more charity can be good to the soul rather than throwing into ‘salt water sea’…

Oh ya! One more thing,
Welcoming myself to adulthood which it does/did not make any difference whatsoever anyhow… new diet plan commence today!

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