An Answer?

Is there such thing as one cannot plan in thorough details? or even plans will fail?

That happens to me. It’s true! It’s not that I didn’t plan properly. Even when my plans are not in detail will still fail. It has been proven on several occasions. The plans always change last minute and sometimes not even confirm. With this, I’m fine with it since I’m already used to dynamic change to the very last minute but then others are different. They have their other agendas thus when collide with their plans of course – plan fail. Now it is not poor time management or whatever management. Here wait for a confirmation, there waiting for another. Here wait, there wait until no need to wait, just cancel it.

That’s why I like instant decision… Decide now, do now. Spontaneous act/decision is all fun and spells adventure. Maybe one day I’ll just try to book an air ticket and fly on the day itself. Backpacking anyone?

Anyway, so why do my plans always fail? Most of the time I’ve plan to go a certain direction, it will end up taking a sharp curve and lead to another path. Can anyone tell me?

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