Holiday is the time where one needs to plan properly so such time will not be wasted just like that let alone now I have 4 months of holiday! woohoo….!!! This only happens like super rare as the government wanna change the intake system which supposedly only 2 months of long break but now it’s doubled! Okay… plans… I need plans…

1. Food! Glorious food
– Black Canyon: tomyam
– Ah Wah restaurant: tomyam again!
– cendol and rojak
– Crocodile Rock: banana pizza
– Black Pearl (anyone?)
– Jap cuisine (other than Sushi King)
– Homemade scrumptious soup (how I missed them)
– pasta (still wondering where)
– Johnny’s: tomyam steamboat (should I try since their tomyam is not that bad)
– Old Town Kopitiam (definitely not to be missed)
– Bak Kut Teh (one of the staple food in my life)
– cake!

I could just dedicate the whole post talking ’bout food. Glutton? Nope! I live to eat in order to live… XD That’s the list for now as they are must-consumed-food when I’m back. Of course all that are found in Kuantan. So if I do travel, new form of food will definitely be up for challenge and only normal, decent food unlike exotic food i.e Sago worms… eww… That brings me to number 2 of the list.

2. Travel
– KL/Selangor (duh!)
– Melaka
– Perak: ipoh? kampar? sitiawan?
– Penang (unlikely though)
– some islands?
– Genting
– Singapore: USS (please God don’t let it get canceled)

I think that’s enough as my 4 months might just only be 2 months+ since I’m coming back to the land of hornbills end of July… cut short 1 month. Who wanna go travel? I can foresee that my plans to travel will once again be tempered.

3. if and when I get stuck at home
– anime
– k-drama
– j-drama
– hk drama
– movie marathon!
– dogs need exercise too
– spring clean my room (can’t believe I’m actually stating this)
– bake?

4. Work. Earn some extra pocket money to support the 1st 2 in the list… Clearly money don’t fall down from the sky for my case.

4 months of not touching anything academical compensate with 4 itineraries should be good enough.

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