31 March 2011

又到了多一个月尾。时间就这么的过。日子过得还好吗?(( _ _ ))..zzzZZ お元気ですか。私もです。

End of the month brings good and bad as usual.

The good – can go back home *sings I’m coming home* Every time I would hope that my plans do not fail but this time I won’t plan until the last minute so the plan will not fail since planning ahead has not do me any good.

The bad – having to wonder where will I be staying next semester and if course the horror and terror of final exam which shakes the very core of me perhaps?

The ugly – time has passed and the thought of how did I use them? did I make full use of it? What impact have I left? Was my time in vain? The ugliness of time waits for no man and there’s no turning back of time.

3 months passed with mundane routine but still there’s new stuff being injected. So on with 1 more month then hip hip hooray!

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