Do you believe

In love at 1st sight? Well I did and still do.

That was not until almost 7 – 8 months ago. I can still remember you were sitting there nicely with the rest. Though you look the same with the rest yet you were only similar. Over time whenever I’m passing that place, I would see whether if you’re still there. Hoping that you were not gone ’cause I have liked you the moment I saw you. I would even tell my friends if I could get hold of you for my birthday and sometimes bring my friends over just to get a glimpse of you.

My wish did came true. I have you with me now. It’s just a nice feeling to have you with me all the time. No complain whatsoever. Aren’t you the best thing ever?! I could bring you to almost anyway. Sometimes you get made fun of especially in the beginning but that’s okay ’cause you’re just so adorable and of course I have no regrets in choosing you. Looking at you everyday is still so refreshing.

How can I get over you. You’re just too loveable.

Hearts Ka-ping!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Share the love yo~

p/s: there’s nothing wrong in still liking stuff toys at my age… stuff toy is for everyone. it makes things easier too when looking for present. *hint hint*

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