It’s the time of the year

Oh my, it’s already the last day of 2010…


*breathes breathes*

And I was just starting to enjoy my new chapter of my life.

To wrap up this whole year in one sentence is just not enough. There ‘s just too many events that happened throughout twenty-ten. If there is sentence to fit it in a package it would be emotions like the ocean.

IF any friends or people that I know were to come up to me and tell me that I have changed, I couldn’t agree more and I’m not surprised by it. After all we should not be stagnant at a spot. Of course there would be more changes next year. Only God knows.

What have I done/achieved this past year?
– Had the longest holiday up to now
– Traveled a lot to the same place in a month
– iTouch 🙂
– Get to go to the place I wished for
– MacBook Pro yo~
– Literally climb mountain
– Went on Christmas present shopping frenzy

What have not achieve this past year?
– Follow what has been planned

Trying not to make it an emo post so gotta stop now.

Time for a new New Year’s Resolution.

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