One slash, One stab, One deep cut

1 picture can paint a thousand words
that can put a person into misery

1 word can mean a lot of things
but only takes one to get to the heart

1 look can send different messages
that depends on how the person takes it

1 action can mean nothing to you
but to another it means so much more

1 touch can be accidental
that may not be all that

1 road can be the path you wanted to take
but there are many crossroads and junctions to it

1 smile can be a form of manner
but you might not know who have you touched

1 act of kindness
is another’s suffering

1 constant pop-up
is a kind of hurting

1 gentle reminder
is only a harsh reminder

1 small hope in something
better not hope at all

1 minor change
is a change in whole

1 second of joy
is a second of tears

1 foot in the door
that’s the end of what’s to block

1 single thought
leads to a chain reaction after it

1 incident
is a life lesson

1 move
is a matter of life or death

1 cut
will anyhow leave a scar

1 out of grasp
is always giving heartaches

1 missed chance
will never get to know the outcome

1 impossible
is hard to change to possible

1 person’s lost
is another person’s gain

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