This and That

I saw somewhere before that what it means by alone and lonely. It sure enlighten me for a moment. So here I am sharing what is it that it actually means for me.

Alone |əˈlōn|: having no one else present; on one’s own

Lonely |ˈlōnlē|: sad because one has no friends or company; without companions; solitary

For a person to be alone is very simple and easy but then how many will be alone without feeling lonely? How many will feel lonely eventhough have a lot of friends or people around? In certain moment, both comes hand in hand while other times just being alone but feeling contented.

Lonely is an awful feeling to begin with. We all need a shoulder to lean on, a pair of ears to listen to what we have to say, a/few companions to share our joy, sorrow, bitter and sometimes anger. We can’t handle everything on our own yet not to shut friends off if they show kindness. If it is too much for us to handle that we feel they are like annoying then just smile and say thanks. What is the meaning of joy when we don’t have someone to share with? Where are we to release our sorrow and bitterness when if we harbour them for too long, it could eat us from the inside? Nobody wish to be lonely at any given time in any given day.

Often we could hear that being alone equals to loneliness. No doubt being alone can lead to loneliness but that depends on how a person perceive about being alone. Being alone is not all a bad thing when one deserves some time for themselves. It is not about being selfish to think of themselves at times. Don’t we have to care for ourselves? We need to learn to love ourselves first before we can start to love others. If we don’t even love ourselves then who would then loves us (other than God) adding that we push everyone aside?

Being alone can help to separate us from what others would think about ourselves. Using the time of having some me-time is the best time to be who we really are. Everyone do wear a mask when they step out of the house including myself. I won’t and don’t deny that I do wear a/many masks and may be different from my true character. Only a few of my close friends will know what I really am though at times I do leak a bit here and there if people are observant enough. Mask off, we are free from judgmental eyes, free from what might look weird to another, free from the clutches of the norms of society. Aren’t we all just humans to view people when they are different from us? Looking from our point of view, we are always right but how often do we see where are they coming from? Me-time is when a person can be in peace to not think of what to do to be considered appropriate, evaluate oneself, a moment for self-reflection. A time to see for ourselves what are the room for self-improvement. A time-out to just dwell in the peace where how often can we find. A peace where even the rich or the poor are searching for. You can’t buy peace no matter how; peace is to be found. A confined space where you can leave all worries and burdens behind is where peace is. So being alone can bring peace when you really know where to get.

Alone is what I always experience daily but that is fine by me for I have gotten use to it BUT lonely is something that I do not favour as I do not wish for it to happen to anyone.

Therefore, do have time to be alone but do not let that leads to loneliness. There is a difference. Let’s not play solitaire.

– p/s: there was a sense of urgency to post this ASAP –

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