Too free…

What happens when a person is having things to do but then is in a blunder?

Figured out what should be doing at the moment but just refuse to go?

The whole mental system has just shut down.

Bring too free, not good; too busy also not good. Then how? Everyone will be saying time management is the key. But what if just a time without itinerary? Doing anything you please without looking at the time, without taking into account of rushing here and there, without even worrying what to do or finish before any dateline. How awesome would that be! (applicable to certain people only)

However, there is always a however or but in the picture. Why? Isn’t there anything perfect just the way it is? So, however, even there is this day to come, it would be too fast before one can fully experience the joy of just pure enjoyment. Surely somehow, somewhere, something, someone will just pop in and might even ruin the whole day of luxury.

This is what a free person will write when there is all the time to spend on ‘wasting time’ even though there might be a million. billion. trillion thoughts rushing in all at once but only a fragment of them can be formed into words. Words are never enough to express a certain feeling or even a small little thought They expand as they go without any warning and also once the thought has passed, it is hard to retrieve them back. So stop being too free and start to get a little busy if not life will be so mundane and kinda boring in a sense.


Have a great day!

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