Tag season back?

” Once tagged here, you have to write 35 random facts about yourself and tag me back. These facts are so that I can understand you better. No cheating people..! Here we go..!”

Was tag by the oh so SDHDFA JazZ xD. Nah, wanna know be better so much. Crack my head also let you know 35 random facts ’bout me. Be bangga sikit ok.

  1. Wants to keep a low profile (thank you very much)
  2. Still wanna lose weight
  3. Height is never enough for me since I can’t grow any taller
  4. Heels are my lovers
  5. I am not what you think I am
  6. Introvert-ly extrovert
  7. Looks snobbish (which can be deceiving or not)
  8. Loves to travel but ain’t got the finance
  9. Ka-ping! is my one and only (thanks guys for getting it for me)
  10. Am a vainy potty
  11. Single but unavailable by choice (don’t waste your time)
  12. Have a need for speed
  13. Always wanting to be a banana but the fact is a lemon
  14. Am totally a mixed ( X chromosomes and Y chromosomes)
  15. Really don’t like negative aura people
  16. Loves adventure but lacks stamina
  17. Fingers are itching to play some computer games
  18. Internet is important to me (connection to civilization and past time)
  19. Not an anorexic
  20. Never was, am, will be a bulimic
  21. Never had a birthday party for myself
  22. Often get what I want
  23. I’m not a rich kid
  24. Loves a good harmonize A ‘Capella group
  25. Getting bored doing this tag
  26. Wants a walk-in wardrobe like a mini boutique
  27. Sarcasm is part of my life
  28. Can hold a conversation as long as possible given the right kind of people (proven)
  29. Nothing is ever good towards myself
  30. People sometimes don’t get what I’m talking about
  31. Always having a lot of internal battles
  32. Prefers dresses
  33. Eating is a form of happiness
  34. Never underestimate what I can do
  35. Am grateful with what I have!

There, full 35 random facts for your viewing pleasure.

Think you know me now? Think again.

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