If only it happens

B to the O to the R to the I to the N with a G.

Got something to do but not doing at the moment = nothing to do now.

From the last time that I might have asked for patience to the time I actually got some of it, I think it hasn’t ended just yet. NOW, a whole new level is in the process. Having great patience is not something that just comes naturally or inborn. It is not by a snap of a finger that you’ll have such values. If we were to have it that way, what will happen? Patience, why do we need to tolerate one another? I’m sure this is taught everywhere so no point stating it out here. If you don’t know why do we need patience then you aren’t listening or paying attention.

What I wanna say is that a person’s patience have limit and sometimes other people either consciously or unconsciously go over or trying to test you patience. Seriously, why do you like to irritate people? Don’t you know you have gone a little too overboard? Or do you feel you’re doing fine? Oh well, humans are just so complicated.

Have you got enough patience?

Once saved this beautiful memory,
Colours fill in the blue sky,
Shadows emerge from down under,
Fascinating it all seems,
The truth lies within the blue sky,
Standing among can bring to darkness,
Leading the expansion of life,
Once it is over,
Life is no longer the same,
Clear blue sky once again is back in line.

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