Still recovering

The result of 3 days aftermath is equivalent to a crippled person or a person with difficulties in walking… Kinda like OKU now.

Mount Santubong was the place for the’ little’ expedition. Little that I know what is yet to come and what to mountain has install for us. Reached at the foot of the mountain around 8.15am. This is where it all begins. Well, there are actually 2 paths, one being the main entrance which is longer and the other is kinda unguided until halfway when the 2 paths meet. Not all of us are first timer but majority are. Into the first 10 minutes, my legs were already feeling the burn and my heart was in racing speed. Lack of stamina yet still wanna have adventure, gotta endure to reach the top. Did I mentioned the normal time needed to reach the top is around 3 hours! And in the 1st 10 minutes already panting heavily. Breathing is also another thing. In the beginning was more to uphill walking, big steps, small steps and keeping in mind they are all soil and roots of the tree. While some steps are higher than normal stairs, some gotta walking on rocks. Feeling the full power of nature.

Where does this lead to? This is what you wall climbing. No proper stairs or pathway. Not for the faint heart-ed I can say. Gotta be mentally and physically prepared too. You don’t want to start climbing out of pure curiosity. Bad idea.

This is definitely not for those who are so worried ’bout their newly done manicure or nicely done hair. Once you’re in, you’re in for a life changing experience – to some – 90 degrees slope are a common sight. In order to climb, you just gotta grab whatever that is in reach, whether it is tree roots, rocks, brunch, bark or even the ground, you just gotta do it.

This is how steep it is looking down.

Thank God it was raining as raining here is like an everyday thing. No rain means no leeches or any other creatures found in the jungle. There were no mosquitoes too. Little by little, walk, climb, rest, we made it to the top closed to 4 hours. Meeting other hikers as well. There are even some elderly women and men and that gave me motivation to get to the top. If they can do it why can’t I. But of course they were frequent visitors of this mountain.

What a sight to behold. Along the way, we were rewarded with beautiful scenery as well. Different height brings different perspective of the land.

Since we were kinda separated into 2 groups due to the speed, we waited at the summit for the other group to come. In this little adventure, we meet with a few groups. Had some chitchatting session while resting.

The sun was setting. But they haven’t reach the bottom of the mountain.

The motivation to get down was non other than water! and the staple food in my diet – PORK! A bottle of water and 100plus is so not enough. Next time if were to climb another mountain or hill, 1 BIG bottle of 100plus and some fruits is a must! Torchlight also gotta bring along just in case.

Now back to being OKU. Till then another adventure awaits!

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