Wanted to update for the past few days… but then the thoughts just came out and didn”t have time to recollect them back to put into words.

Practically too many things are going in and out of my brain at the same time until I’m in a sort of, kinda, may a little in a zombie-fied mode.

It’s the time again where different thoughts will just come in and keeps me thinking of, well it’s not unnecessary anymore since it has come to my attention. They are all in a bundle, mixed bundle which I don’t know how to sort it out. Can someone help me?

If ignoring and direct approach is not that way then what is the solution?
Going round the bush is not the way too.


Not to think bout it? That won’t work. Tried that but somehow they still manage to come back.

Time out? Does not make the problem any easier or better. It’s just temporary on hold.

So what’s next?

Pondering on stuff really do shed a new light on it. It make things a little clearer. Though sometimes what the outcome that we want is not exactly what it is. Letting go is always something that troubles us even though that is what we ought to do. To hold on to something from the start that is a lie is already a pain from the beginning. So why hold on to that pain which will just get worst? Why is it hard to be free from it but at the same time wanting to have and to hold? The matter of wanting and knowing is always at a constant battle. Doesn’t that mean we’re battling with ourselves? So it seems. How long more answers will be shown? Obviously they don’t come in black and white nor in colourful pages. When will we know then other than when the time comes. Wouldn’t that be a little too late? Whatever actions taken or words spoken, there’s no turning back the time. Life a learning process? Can’t we learn a bit faster? Just a step forward might be sufficient.

Why some people can’t get the message? Do they need it to be right in their face? Are they that absurd to not see it? or they are just to ignorant which I think most of the time they are not. They are just plain blind to see it. How I wish I would have enough courage to tell it off right in their face but then that’s just not the way I deal with things. It doesn’t look good for one. Second, their feeling will be hurt. Well some might just say they deserve it but then it is not easy to do that without having full knowledge of what the consequences will be like. Some will say don’t care but it’s not about the caring part, it’s what will happen to that relationship. So many things have to take into consideration before whatever actions can be taken.

So ignoring is the best policy? Still don’t think so. There must be a better solution out there. This is a subjective world. There’s black and white and a little shade of grey in life.

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