I hate this world…

Plug in earphone, pump up the volume, filter out unnessacery noise, not talking… That’s what I need.

Hate this world for it has finally caught up to me… Brainwashed by this ruthless, merciless, unthoughtful, hurtful, black with no heart world.

The true nature of a person is evolving within noticebly. This does not mean that gonna conform into the world but a transformation to live in this world with a little self protection and dignity.

It is now a pain in the ears listening to people talking. Do they not know that these are the things that someone needs to hear it all the time repeatedly in such short period? Do they have any idea that maybe it’s your first time telling but to that person it’s like hearing it a million times? Have they not know that these situations is really what we wanna avoid? All these words we have already know and we know what it is. You don’t have to remind us all the time of what we have done.

Maybe others(minority) do need these kind of conversation but please do not do it on me. I’ve heard enough of these ‘talks’. I know what to think and what to do. I know that there u a brighter side in life. Couldn’t you all just leave me alone and let me do what I want?!

So sick of doing it all over again. I just wan to give the I-know-you’re-being-thoughtful-and-care-bout-me, thank you! You’ve just reach te limit of what I can take. But if you wanna go further than that then be prepared when you feel I’m rude toward you.

Why do people like to look down on other people? To make themselves more superior? Make them standing a level higher than others? Think they are so great and succesful than others? Why is it that the world likes to compare? If everyone are doing the same thing, how boring an competitive life would be…. What is the purpose then?

Where is my isle of inisfree?

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  1. We can never control or plan what others will to say to us. Neither can we shut them up; no one can really understand how you feel except God..not even your closes buddy or your parents.

    I wanna apologize if ever i was one of them that you have mentioned.

    But sometimes, it is good to tell the person that you appreciate their concerns, but that you have heard it too many times before..or just smile and walk away:) Yet, there might be some truth in what was said


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