Another month passed

1 more day till the last day of February. So fast 2 months in 2010 is comin to an end. 1 good news for me is that I have another kaki to teman me go out. *cheers*

CNY was the same but bit different. For once I could drive all the way to KL. Kinda fun though wihout parents sitting beside monitoring the speed and like a radio you couldn’t turn it off. Another difference is that I bought myself not one but two sets of new year clothes. Yes it’s the first time buying new year clothes for myself. Shopping for new year clothes is not a trend in my family. And also for once there was a complain on the clothes I’ve bought.

Shopping is such a remedy that only now I knew!

After cny is time for anxiety to kick in – STPM results. Which I’m satisfied with it but not happy ’bout it. Now I prah by God’s grace I get to enter into local U.

I said that I’ll be a different person and now I am.

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