Fruitful-but-in-a-different-way Day!

It was indeed a fruitful day.

It is indeed fun to have a driver

And a person to accompany you.

Got out to the city around 10-ish am, and off we go to what was suppose to be shopping.

Walked around the area and 3 malls. Lots of walking and stupid crocs that I own gave me blisters, painful blisters.

Went into Time Square 1st, then went through Sg. Wang to Low Yat, Pavillion and back to Time Square.

Got to learn ’bout cameras, lens, photography and Apple and a few other electronic stuff.

See, so much of walking.

So what was so fruitful ’bout today?

This is not an iPhone.


Squeeky clean, brand new iTouch!

Which is all my birthday, christmas and every other festival’s present.

But this means I’ve gotta give something back = 1 Macbook Pro

(turning into an Apple fan after the tutorial and stuff happened today)

After purchasing the new item (which was like a total surprise for me ’cause I didn’t really expect to get it so fast), went to eat my favourite food – SUSHI!!!!

Ichiban Boshi

I’ve totally forgotten what are the name of the food that we ordered.

But it is so so so much better than Sushi King. The price might be just a little bit higher but still affordable. And a plus is that you can get full by eating their set meals. Not bad!

Could not use the itouch until tomorrow and I don’t it with me now. It’s not a sad case. ‘Cause after that, it’s woolala….

Should I get a Macbook for myself or any other ordinary laptop?

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