Back to basic

Looks like I’ll be using 2 blogs! *woohoo*

Let’s see just how I will manage it..

Cause still not familiarized with the settings and all but I still like a few of the features there. If blogger have the features then it’ll be great!

Any new year resolution for me this year? Hmm….. Not gonna make 1. Just gonna go with the flow and make it as it go.

2009 was pretty much a bad year for me.. I need and will make sure that 2010 will be a better year. Time has changed, so will I. If the next time you see me and find something different with me, it’s true… It happened! Events that happened last year just triggered it. Don’t be surprised. I am ready to embrace it. Unpleasant things must be overcome by mental and emotional strength in order to get on with life. More unfortunate events overshadow happy thoughts.

Oh well, get over with the old!

It’s suppose to be a happy new year.

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