Black is Back

I’m back.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if I’m blogging or not because my life ain’t interesting at the moment. Trials are over but then the long awaiting STPM is causing too much pain and anxiety. Still got 2 more months and I’ll be free. Free from all the monthly, mid-year and year end exams and most important SCHOOL! It’s just time to move into a new enviroment. Bring on the challengez!

What else happened the last month?

The SDHDFA is out on the loose with my comfy jacket. My Jacket Model. Albeit I must say, it looks a bit weird in her. A bit like fugitive, some lunatic, some homeless person. I know she won’t be that mad at me after reading that sentence. We are 1 big family after all. right?! The jacket was on sale and currently is the only one that is long enough to cover up to my fingers. It’s a guy jacket after all. Until I can find a decent and up to my standard girl’s jacket, I’ll be scouting for guys jacket for the mean time.

Oh ya! How could I forget the most happening event – VBS 2009

This time we had more people in the crew leader’s lounge. 3 days of draining all our energy and yet still can play basketball the next day. Cute lil’ kids, cheeky lil’ kids, energetic lil’ kids and ever sticking lil’ kids. All these for 3 days can really either make you happy or make you cry.

In 1 month, yamcha session and pasar malam dinner/walks are now a norm with our lil’ gang of MYF-ers. Imagine the sims where you have this realtionship bar and the plus signs while you’re interacting, I would think that now is somewhere 90+++. More yamcha session after STPM. Yea!

Back to Black being back.

This is the picture that I took using my brother’s DSLR. Out of all the shots that I’ve took, I like this personally. Others are either blur or the focus had run. Should I get a normal SLR or a DSLR?

This is my best shot. I like this the best. Black is definitely back!

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