It’s Saturday

My day just started out bad. First, I couldn’t sleep properly these few days. Waking up in the wee hours like 3-4am and for today, woke up at 5.05am…. Alarm went off and 8.45am. So much for wanting to wake up early…. I’m turning into you uLy….. In the end woke up around 10.15am. This is bad….. I need to go back to school. Laziness is creeping inside of me… Staying at home = bad.

Whole day in the house. What life is this?!

Let’s what have I accomplished this week:
1- K-drama Goong
2- A whole bunch of super junior and dbsk mv
3- Super Junior’s 1st Aisa Tour concert
4- 2 variety shows and many other clips on both Suju and DBSK
5- Sleeping pass 12am for i’ve-lost-count days
6- Eating 2 meals a day… still the same as usual
7- Saved money though I’m almost totally broke.

Well, at least I have dinner tonight, means a momentt to get out from the house.

1 week has passed so quickly. What to do… Day dreaming for the pass week and starting from next week is mini judgement day. But I still have so many things and places that I want to do and go… Do I have to wait for so long?

I’m starting/half-way rotting…..

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