Bitter sweet relationship with holidays.

The bitter sweet relationship starts when holiday begins. It will always be there no matter how far or near it is, you just can’t run away. Can hate it and love it at the same time. Holidays always let people anticipate but sometimes will let them hanging cold.

What I don’t like bout holidays?

1- due to too much sleeping, I get severe headache.
2- Not having anything to eat. Gotta run through the shelf to see what kind of food can I get. I’m just lazy to cook.
3- Just by staying at home makes me sick. Facing the 4 walls the whole day. If that’s not enough, acing the 4 walls for the whole day for more than 3 days. This is something that I can’t deal with. I’m just not fit to be a stay at home person. How can they do it? *bow*
4- I’m facing the computer and TV all day long
5- Makes me lazy
6- Makes me think unnecessary stuff
7- Gotta do house chores = make sure the house is clean and no additional mess are around

If there are cons, then there will be pros.

What I like bout holidays?

1- I don’t have to wake up early
2- I can save money since don’t have to buy food and don’t have to pump petrol
3- Youtube the whole day. Finish 1 drama and watched so many clips on Super Junior and TVXQ… I’m a new fan!!! woohooo…..

Looks like I can think of more cons then pros….

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