How can you not see?!

Is it not obvious enough for you? To see what is going on around you. Do you need the big picture to be drawn out? Others could see it but you are just stuck in your own little world. Living your own dreams while trashing others along the way. What kind of person are you? Where is your sense of compassion? Do you think people can trust you anymore? Of your actions and words? Little did you know that the world does not owe you anything. Nothing at all. Of the way you treat people, how do you think others can treat you better. You’re living in a world of denial! You might think that you did not do anything wrong and it is just others that are picking on you. Come on! Don’t go crying like a baby and face the challenge. Life is not a smooth sailing sea where you can do whatever you want at others expenses. You think that people don’t understand you?! That they just want to give you a miserable time of your life? Reflect and think upon your words and actions, see what do they tell you. But I don’t think you’ll figure it out since you’re Miss Right. Well, in that case, I wish you all the best in life and in the real world out there!

Anyone terasa is your problem. It means you did something as I mentioned. If you want to think that I’m talking ’bout you then have it your way.

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