Mother’s Day Dinner

On a Mother’s Day night, me and my mother went to Cherating Steak House… Not a good idea to go there anymore. Crocodile Rock is so much better…

Service was not bad. Atmosphere was fine. Price wise was not that good for the food that we ate.

but when the food arrived, speechless….

1st the appetizer.

My mushroom soup

It has a weird taste and it is not smooth at all. I find Campbell mushroom soup taste so much better.

Mother’s tomato onion soup

This was even worst… it’s so salty that it taste like the tomato paste that my mother use to cook spaghetti. Good thing I did not order this….

We had garlic bread too. that’s normal… but did not take any picture.

Now to main course. We had the same dish… Salmon with dill sauce.

Though it look so small portion at 1st but after eating everything on the plate, we’re so full… This dish was ok ok, normal.

we had juice…. mixed juice…

This was how it looked like when it came.

and after a few stirs,

this look so much better.

In conclusion, not going there anymore as it is expensive and need I say more…

what a bad publicity for them


  1. Lol…terrible, the juice looks like it has been diluted with awhile glass of water,

    Hey the mushroom soup, does it have chunks of fresh mushroom inside?


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