The Time is Now

It’s the time to be a person once more. A normal person that is. Too many events have come to pass. Over the days of our life, clear skies have turned grey with patches of raindrops flowing away. Being just a person is not easy. People around flashes back and forth. The way of life does not need to be like this. The anguish, the torture, the vanity, all in one spells mayhem. Why has it come to a stage like this? Where people of unfamiliar faces are staring at you. You are no longer who you are. Where has your sanity gone?

To grasp it, it is just slipping away.

To catch it, it is just flying away.

To trap it, it is just floating in the air.

The way of life is not how it should be. There are so many how’s now. When will this end? This virtual war I’m living. One step at a time, some will say while be true to yourself, true to your heart are what we normally hear. But how does it apply? Ya… ya… ya… all these we know, all these we hear. Only when you are at the very bottom of a ravine, all these look so diminished.

What is being a normal person? Doing your things dutifully? Following orders from authorities? Being nice and sweet to everyone? Not talking behind people’s back or backstabbing? Like in the movie mean girls? Living a quiet and peaceful life without people noticing? Talk to people only when there is a need to? After all said and done, a human is still a human. The original nature of a person will always be there.

Everyone is unique and different. There is no way a person can please everyone. But that does not mean that you are right all the time. You may be right most of the time but it does not mean that the actions or words being used are appropriate. Why it is that sometimes we do not understand certain actions being made? Words being spoken? Expressions being showed?

To many who sees of it as a stage show, to many who hears about it as a gust of wind.

Chinese version

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