week reflection

Let’s start with what is still fresh in my mind.

MUET was on last Saturday. Finally no more writing until the result is out. Speaking will be in May. I wanna go travel… Please have the trip people…. I wanna go….. Things went well for me but I don’t know that is my well is good enough. After the exam was over, some of us went to eat. I did not touch any food since morning. Was so nervous until my hands are mirco-shaking. Can feel the veins pulling and the hands were kinda cold. It was kinda stingy too… Now hopefully and prayerfully I will not choked during my speaking. I seriously do not want to repeat it.

This week no particular things to highlight.

unknown things happen at unknown times
understanding the whys are difficult
knowing the what is harder
answer is not atainable
background of true being lies in wilderness

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