Why is this going on? Why is that happening to me? Why is he treating me like that? Why does she gotta act this way? Why are there nobody out there cares about my feeling? Why this? Why that? Why do I have a blog? Why people do not understand me? Why they can’t get what I wanna portray? Why only now things are pouring in?

How to explain things where people are not trying to understand? How to just put it aside when it is so hurtful? How to forget the pain? How be in the world of unknown? How is it to step out? How to deal with confrontation? How to respond to situation? How is it being a human without feelings? How to overcome a fear? How long will it last?

What is wrong with you? What is wrong with me? What is wrong with the world? What is the meaning of these? What horrible things can you do? What is this game you are playing? What is your purpose? What do you want from me? What is it that is bothering you? What I’m lacking? What are all these feelings? What is becoming of everything?

When all these happen? When will the answer be given? When is the world a better place? When is the cage fading? When will it happen again? When is the time I don’t have to take charge? When the problems manifest itself? When will I be able to see the road ahead? When will be the time where I don’t have to answer? When is the right time for everything?

It is time to let it go. It time now for things to come to an end. It is just a miscommunication. It is all a joke. It is all an imagination. It was not meant to be. It is a never ending story. It is a complicated world. It was not easy. It could be simpler. It is just a false move. It could have been different. It looks as if who would……

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