A Day

Today was excruciating.

Was ‘hopping’ around the whole day… How long more to go?

The emptiness is the first thing that I’ve realize. Well, normally it will go away after a while but not today. Since restriction has occurred, it looks like expressing is no longer an expression. What to do when we are under it. Nothing can change until it is over and done. Words should/must/shall/be used in a proper manner in certain matters. Why do we need to go school when clearly there’s nothing to do there? I would consider it a waste of energy. Always reminding the importance of it… I don’t get that picture especially when crystal clearly you’re just sitting and standing and walking and day dreaming. Then there will be a side mentioning with all the free time, so many things could be done. Partial truth there. And the famous: if there’s a will, there’s a way. Semi-truth. How? With the surrounding all moody and zombie-like, where’s the fun to do ‘so-many-things’? Physically its possible but what about mentally or psychologically? With that not going well, ‘so-many-things’ will just be nothing. Excuses, excuses, excuses… Stop making excuses Enwei… This sentence has been with me for 3 years… how could I ever forget how it got to me…

A part of all those, my internet like to shut down by itself without any warning what so ever.

A day… could turn to ‘so-many-things’

Anyone up for some ‘dim sum’?

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