Exuberant? or Austere?

Back to being in the midst of people almost twice my age. This time only left the 2 of us. The other did not show up. I wonder how it would be tomorrow. Have you ever been in a position where you understand the language but do not understand its meaning? How do I change my world view? Sometimes it’s a word, a phrase or a sentence that will stay in your mind the whole day. Calm your wondering mind so that you may listen and see clearly. Your wondering mind will make you tired and may cause you headache. It is your wondering mind that gives you trouble and in the mean time confuse you. You got to calm down and take time to be in solitude. Shift our heart, Shift our mind and Shift our feeling. The heart is, above all, who we are. Deep down inside, you got to find out who you really are

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