Week long update

First of all, my computer still sucks coz it will still jam right in middle when I go into another window. Even now I can’t check my mail. This is one of the reason I don’t online now a days. Everytime that I wanna use and it get jam, I gotta restart then off it then on it again – troublesome.

For this whole week, there are some periods that have no teacher coming into the class. This time it is then form 5, coz this time even though there are no teachers, but the class is quiet with the presence of the students. Unlike form 5 time, when the teacher is not around, surely the class will be noisy or will be quiet entirely coz most of the students are not in the class.

As for tomorrow for all the forms except lower 6, their parents gotta come to school to take their mid-term results. Kinda like a parent-teacher thing. So I’m kinda expected that teacher may not come into class but still I gotta go to school when I don’t even know what to do there.

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