Update Update…

I’ve kept y’all waiting for the past few weeks.

Start from the beginning of the month – June.

Beginning of the month is the school mid-term break for 2 weeks. In this 2 weeks, I had dance practice for the up coming Form 6 prom night/charity dinner. Enwei so can’t dance ok. So this is the 1st and last time dancing in front of people on stage.

[A little bit bout the Prom night. There is Hujan – famous in myspace which I have no idea who they are. There is also Yuna – famous in youtube. They are the special guest performance.]

So for 2 weeks went to Kerina’s house to practice.

After the 2 weeks, school had orientation with the seniors for 1 week. I would say that it so darn tiring with all the standing, sitting and dancing both bocor-bocor and chicken dance. My legs were so tired of sitting. I’ve gotta stretch my legs due to the blocking of blood circulation until my legs were cramped.

Started to study this week but I’ve been staying back almost everyday. Every afternoon it’s bound to have something for me to do. Only get to go back home the earliest at 5pm. Let me state what I’ve been up too and the schedule for the whole week.

Monday – Stayed back for fashion practice

Tuesday – Stayed back for choir

Wednesday – went for fitting for the fashion show for Prom Night

Thursday – Rehearsal in school for the Prom Night

Friday – Morning and afternoon rehearsal. 4pm hair then later make-up

Night was the event

Saturday – 4pm worship practice for MYF Sunday. At night rehearsal for

MYF Sunday

Sunday – MYF Sunday. Run here and there

Now I only have the time to bloc while my computer is still working. I have no idea when the computer is gonna go haywire.

I don’t have any pictures from the Prom Night/Charity Dinner. You can find it in Kerina’s bloc. I don’t wanna talk bout it.

Plans for the coming week – go yamcha with Yew Lee. Hehe… still gotta fixed a date.

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