Cube with 6 sides = ???

I’m making a new trend. *…haha… as if I could*

Rubik’s cube it’s it name. It comes in different sizes. With 1 colour each side. It will challenge you mentally and maybe physically (that’s for your finger muscles). Once you get hold on the cube, you’ll get addicted to it with its charm.

What am I crapping here??? Promote a new toy to play. Where can you get this?? Go find yourselves…. *evil laugh………*

I’ve got no idea what to blog. Got these photos from my brother… my source for photos that are nicer (kononnya) and higher quality.

I’m actually trying to have long post. But then some how it’s either no words or no idea or no inspiration that comes to me. Guess I can’t be a writer after all. If I can’t WRITE a story, maybe I’ll just BE the story. *…LOL… NLG people will know what it means*

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