So Many Things Happen Lately

There are so many things that needed to be said.

Firstly is the crazy weather here. It was raining as I was writing this. With the loud thunder clapping and the strong cold wind blowing at the same time, it was a sign for me to off the computer and TV. Together with the thunder and wind, lightning wants to tag along too. With its light that can lit the dark sky into a dawn sky and the occasional flash that can almost blind one’s eyes, it has been happening these few days. The beauty of these coming together is only at night, once the sun is either blocked by the clouds or the sun is ‘off duty’. It seems like that they have planned to meet each other every night just like NLG.

That brings me to the 2nd things-that-happen-lately. With the every night engagement, this has made me harder to attend (what a word to use) NLG. And lately NLG seems to be so quiet. So few members online now a days. Some are so busy. Guess this gathering is currently (looks like) on hold.

Moving on to number 3. over the weekend I was attending Youth Leadership Training (YLT). For 2 whole days from morning till evening, I was in the church. Of course Sunday morning is not exceptional. Overall, I like the personality profiling part. I’ve always like this kind of things. I just like to understand why people think this way, act that way. And one more thing I learned is that there are different levels of a leader. That was something new.

I’ve been thinking lately whether to paint my nails again. I did french manicure all by myself but was kinda horrible. It was my 1st attempt in doing so. After a long time, nails began to grow and some of it came off. So I removed it and now I’m thinking whether to repaint it or cut it or just leave it as it is. Since Form 6 is gonna start real soon (according to the newspaper that is), if I repaint them then I gotta remove it the next week. But then again, French manicure is so nice and I only can do it when I have long nails.


– After writing this, I’ve decided to just leave my nails just as it is-

5th. I’ve made a resolution to stop watching anime for the time being. I’m getting too addicted to them. But there’s one particular anime that can make my heart melt. Not literally of course. That would be in another post. Now gotta find something else to do for the time being


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