Wow, there’s a cold cyber war going on…

A competition is a competition after all. We have to look at the future. No use of looking back at what can’t be changed at all. I know it’s hurtful but isn’t there a point behind it?! There will be upsets when you least expected. After all the disappointment, life still goes on. It’s isn’t the end of the world. Isn’t this a friendly competition? I’m proud of you guys anyway. You did your best. Keep your heads up.

Ok, turn the spotlight back to me *short laugh*

Yesterday night went to Crocodile Rock with my parents. This is my 1st time going. But then my parents went there before with my brother. Now only it’s my time to go… Haha… Love the atmosphere there. The food there hmm… it’s nice too. Well, good thing I was hungry at that time. *evil laugh* ordered so many food. We’ve got mushroom soup, garlic bread 2 baskets – 1 with cheese, 1 without cheese, drinks and main dish. All in all, yummy… but didn’t take any pictures. Not so nice to take pictures at that time. But manage to get 1. haha… ‘Cause at that time wanna leave dy. It’s just for remembrance and proof that I went there… hahahaha……… I know I’m lame… *continue laughing*

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