I wonder…

I’ve been thinking lately how to write/type this post. It’s been going through my head numerous times. Yet I could not find the right word to form a sentence. So if you don’t understand what I’m typing it’s ok.

I have found out and know this is quite some time. Most people don’t understand what I’m talking. There are only a hand full of people actually understand all my weird way of talking. *laughing at myself*

I’m been thinking lately that have I change?? Have my values changed?? Am I just because to realize my dream, I have to sacrifice a bit? A bit as in I have to do what it takes just to reach to where I want.

It has been my dream all this while. You don’t get this type of opportunity all the time. This dream could even disappear as time goes by. I just love what I’m doing. Since now my parents have no objection anymore. Anyway, it’s not like I did something that is irreversible.

I did not do anything that it’s too much. I still have my dignity. Just that this time I feel really like I’m a bit melampau not towards others but to myself. I don’t have to explain myself. So if you don’t understand then I’m sorry. ‘Cause this is how I express myself.

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