Tag… Again… argh….

What is there to blog for now?? Hmm…

Feel like kinda done this tag before. Anyway since there’s nothing to blog at the moment, might as well do the tag.


First Name = Enwei
Nickname = Enwet, Amway, anyway, miss kuantan

Name you wish you had = Enwei

What do people normally mistake your name as = Ern wei, Amway
Birthday = 19 June 1990
Birthplace = Pekan, Pahang
Time of Birth = Around late afternoon

Single or taken = Single

[Your Appearance]

How tall are you = 168cm

Wish you were taller = Yes
Eye color = Dark brown
Eye color you want = Light brown
Natural Hair color = Black
Current Hair color = Black
Short or long hair = Long

Ever dye your hair a bizarre color = Nope
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair = Cut short a significant length
Glasses or contacts = Glasses only during classes
Do you wear make-up = Nope
Ever had hair extensions = Nope
Paint your nails = Ya

[In the opposite gender]

What color eyes = Whatever colour there is
What color hair = something not bizzare
Shy or Outgoing = outgoing??
Looks or personality = personality.. definitely
Sexy or Cute = huh??!!
Serious or Fun = Both
Older or Younger than you = Older

[This or that]

Flowers or Chocolate = Chocolate
Pepsi or Coke = Pepsi
Relationship or One night stand = Relationship
School or Work = Which ever that gives me money
Love or Money = Both??
Movies or Music = Movies
Country or City = City
Sunny or Rainy days = Cloudy
Friends or Family = Myself.. haha… both la

[Have you ever]

Lied = Ya
Stole something = hmm… don’t think so
Smoked = Nope
Hurt someone close to you = Think so..
Broke someone’s heart = Don’t know
Had your heart broken = Nope
Wondered what was wrong with you = Yes
Wish you were a prince/princess = Sometimes
Liked someone who was taken = Don’t know
Shaved your head = NO WAY!!!
Been in love = hmm…
Used chopsticks = Ya
Sang in the mirror to yourself = Nope

Flower = No idea
Candy = Like choc better
Song = Changes all the time
Scent = Don’t have
Color = blue and red
Movie = Neh.. too many to choose from
Singer = Nope
Word = Really?!, right?!
Junk food = Neh
Website = my blog
Location = Beach
Animal = Dog
Ever cried over someone = Ya
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself = Yup
Do you think you’re attractive = Ehh…. No comment
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose = Never thought of it
Do you play any sports = err…

List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people
lazy to do this….

Go tag yourself…. It’s kinda similar to the tag last time

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