More bout life and food!

I’ve decided to blog bout what happen for the whole day, in case I get some short term memory lost. Haha… Kind of having it happen to me now.

So this morning I got woken up by my father just to change some things in his documents. Yes, I always have to type my father’s documents. I’m sort of like his personal secretary/clerk. On top of that, I’m not paid.

So at 9am, this time I got woken up by my mother. Why?? She came into my room just to ask me to taste the cheese cake we made yesterday. Then she said that we’re going to eat breakfast after going to church. So went to church and she settle some stuff. Then only went to eat breakfast at 11am.

Came home and just laze around. Bout 3pm+ wanted to go and eat lunch. Then my mother had to go to her college to pass some stuff. Before we went out, I was so hungry that I started to tremble or shake *some of you might understand*. Grabbed 2 pieces of cheese cake to eat in the car. Then suppose to go for lunch after that.

Mana tau, my stomach has been playing games with me. So had to go back home. So we went for tea instead. After that, went to shop for dinner – the ingredients of course.

If I could take a picture of the market that sells fish, I’m sure some people will get grossed out. So I shall spare y’all. ^^…

andrew, i’m here to just annoy you with the fish..

this prawn wrap with bacon is so so scrumptious…
*again, andrew, just to make you drool*

At the end of the day, conclusion is that my stomach is still playing games with me since yesterday. 1 more thing, I’m going to KL tomorrow!!!... Coming back on Friday night.

*p/s: hopefully y’all can read what’s on top*


  1. haiya… y u so sui 1… purposely make me siasui… dat fish really freaked me out… serious 1… but da prawn with bacon… hmm… where 2 get arr?


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