What a time to mention.

*after idle for 15 minutes, I continue with my blog*

To some, 12am is very scary.

To some, it’s just another new day.

To some, it’s a new record for staying up late

To some, they don’t care cause’ they are sleeping

But to me, it’s just another day that passes me by. Another day of me staying up late and not feeling sleepy. Another day stuck in the house.

So, I think I’m gonna update my blog twice a day…. Haha… So much for free time… Seriously, I think I should have this device that can write out my thoughts so that they don’t run and I don’t have to crack my head bout what have I thought… confuse??

Just a little tongue twister *I just type whatever thought that comes into my mind*

Say understand if you understand. Say don’t understand if you don’t understand. But if you don’t say that you don’t understand, how I know if u understand what you don’t understand. So tell me if you understand what I am saying. Understand?

Initially, I had so many things that I wanna say all at the same time. But when I figure out what I want to say in words, they all just disappear. Am I suffering from short term memory lost?? If I try hard to remember them, my head will suddenly feel pain.


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