1 week of absents

My highlight for the week is one particular day that is 4th March 2008, Tuesday. This is gonna be very long.

This day is the day which so super-duper-hyper boring. Why? The reason was because I was in the hospital for the whole day.

Hmm… so what am I doing in the hospital?? My grandmother had an appointment to have an eye operation in the morning at 9. So here’s the thing, it’s only my grandmother that has the operation, my aunty has to follow, coz she’ll do the driving and any other things that has to be done in the hospital on behalf of my grandmother. Then, me and my grandfather tagged along. Because there will be no one at home to take care of my grandfather, so I’ll have to jaga him and therefore, we just hang around in the hospital for the whole day.

Just to have a parking space and also don’t have to wait for long queue, we all left the house at 6.30am. Found a shady spot under a tree. Later went to register the name coz have to masuk wad. My grandmother has to do her eye operation in the new building but then have to rehister at the old one. so jalan to the old building. Took the number and waited. It’s only 5 more minutes to 7am, then the nurse said can wait for 5 more minutes a not? coz must mengutamakan those who need to bersalin. ok lor.. wait…

But then there was no one going to register. Then my grandmother didn’t bring her IC, so don’t know can a not. So my aunt went to ask the nurse, the nurse said ask the next shift nurse. I was like WHAT THE… Like that also can. After that the next nurse came and settle everything then went to the wad n the old building. I thought that ok dy, settle dy the things, mana tau that’s the beginning of all things.

Went up to 4th floor to the wad, by lift of course. The nurse said that my grandmother’s name is not in her list. Therefore got no bed for her. It’s in the new building. They call it day-care. Walked all the way to the new building and go to the 3rd floor. Settled things there and went to eat breakfast. When we came back, my grandmother was still waiting. then waited until 10+ only she went in. Then 2 hours later only finish. On the same day 3pm need to see the doctor. Me and grandfather waited 2 hours for them to come back. At 5pm only we get to leave the hospital.

All in all, I’ve finish 5 magazines. Read through and through 3 magazines for don’t know how many times. I had no idea and no memory of how i spent my whole entire day in the hospital. Glad that the time passed quite fast.

What a day to spent in the hospital. Running here and there.

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