My NAME!!!!!

a lot of people has been spelling my name wrongly. its the same case as Pao Suen (hopefully its correct.)

They alwaz spell my name :
En Wei
Engwei(when they pronounce it)
Ern Wei

i only hav 1 spelling to my name. it is
Enwei. it is join together. PLz do not and i mean do not separate my name. its not in my IC.

Why join?? u ask. let me tell a story…(like telling grandmother story)

the name was given by my parents. so this explanation is from my mother when i asked her.

as u see, in china, people over there most of them have only 2 syllabus. and some have 3. so for those have 3 syllabus, they join the last 2 together. it is because of the ‘han yu pin yin’ – the chinese sound.

so therefore, my name follow that and it is joined together.

so never ever spell my name wrongly. coz a person’s name is very important.

remember, its Enwei


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