Mixed post

1st of all, I hate it when I’m doing something and somebody just come and do their thing just become I left that place for a while. Yes! I am referring to Someone! Someone that will never read this blog. If just like do their thing, it’s ok with we. Cos I’m used fo it dy. But this one not just use it. But go and close my window.

So Patrick, I already want go update dy. But thanks to some ppl, I cannot update as I have said earlier. Now the blog is one day late!


Aih! Got disappointed today.


It’s not going to open for the whole week. Actually, make that 3 days, cos we start our holiday on Thursday! Yeah!!!

As some of you know, I must eat during recess. If not as Alice would say its a miracle that I dun eat. I dun eat breakfast, that’s y I must eat during recess. If not how could I have the body now today! Haha


I had a one day trip to mentakab yesterday. You would be asking why I went there. Actually, the reason was my parents had some meeting related to church there. So in order for me to have my dinner, I had to follow them. It started at 4pm and ended at 6.30pm.

I like to travel, so for me its actually ok. It’s kinda fun too. plus, I brought some things with me so that in case I get bored or need some entertainment in the car, I’m well prepared. Better be well equiped then going bare handed.

taken while car was moving…

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