its a miracle….

for once, “mad woman” din enter class for 2 masa

last time even the last 5 minutes she oso came in…
wa…. u dun get this type of teacher anymore….

this is how she got her name “mad woman” and “kan jiong”

once upon a time, in 4ss1 (only hav 1 ss class which stands for social science)
there is this teacher who teaches
Modern maths.
she is petite. on 1 hand she has a bag and on the other hand she sometimes has her laptop
she is alwaz on time… which is no fun at all for my class
and then, she is alwaz on the move… u could not a find a moment when she is not doing anything in class…. – sign of a good teacher

when she teaches a question, she will use the whole white board. A whole question…

so when she does not enter class its a miracle. she never misses a class before…..
she will try to come into class no matter wat… time does not stop here from teaching.

” if all teachers are like that, there won’t have a problem to search for teacher giving tuition”

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