is this for real??!! Part 3

i was suppose to post Part 2 3 days ago… but someone is hogging the com day and night. so i dun hav a chance to updated my blog.

this is Part 3 of the title. wat so good bout part 3 now??!! let me tell u, if u wanna ask ur father or someone to buy u something new, u should try this – go eat bak kut teh!!!

one fine morning, i went for bak kut teh with my dad and bro for breakfast. while talking and eating, my dad came across this ad bout sales on tv. after some discuss, he went to buy a 32″ LCD TV!!!!


so now i’ve got 2 LCDs in my house..

bak kut teh is only applied to those who likes to eat… find ur parents favourite food in order to achieve ur goal… not guaranteed… ^^

******* Part 4 coming soon*******

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