is this for real??!!!! Part 2

As u see, i’ve mention that the title has many meanings. here is the 2nd meaning…..

since its holiday and i’m not in mood of studying although exam is next weeksome already freaking out…

So 1 fine day i’ve decided to spent money.. HAHAHA…. ok, not that i hav a lot of money. juz that i’ve got a few things to buy.. and all together it cost me RM72!!!!! 1 day or 1 night i should put it… spent so much… waa……. 1 month no need to go out dy….

here are the items that i bought… (some of u might think y am i buying these stuff, i’ll explain along the way…)

See that thing up there… some of u might think ‘waaa…. so out dated dy. now only want to buy this thing’

well, i need to exercise if not how to “maintain my body shape”.. hahaha… =.=”

so if i hav the dancing pad, i sure need some CD’s to play with it.

here got PS1 games as well. coz my bro gonna bring the PS2 to his place. so gotta hav some back-up.

while shopping for these stuff, my mp4 player’s earphone spoil dy. so gotta waste some more money on earphone

this thing cost me a whopping RM25. well it got nice bass sound.. so that’s where the money went.

and here’s the whole stuff that i use RM72 in one night….

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